Hi, my name is Guy and I am the founder of Hotrod Hoses. We are a Gold Coast based mobile business specialising in air conditioning for classic and custom vehicles. I started offering this service because we at our parent company 4130 Metalworks gc noticed a major change in trends and attitudes towards the wants and needs of the modern modified vehicle owner. Gone are the days of "suffering"' for your passion, now everyone has realized the benefits of having modern conveniences in your classic car.

Growing up in a car mad family I completed my automotive apprenticeship with the Motor Trades Association in 2007 at our family owned workshop. As with most enthusiasts I was always modifying every piece of machinery I could get my hands on and gained the experience and knowledge I needed to fabricate whatever my imagination could come up with. In 2013 I officially opened 4130 Metalworks gc to pursue my love of all things metal and machine. At 4130 Metalworks gc I have always done my best to be a "one stop shop" and with Hotrod Hoses as a side division we now have all your Air conditioning and heating needs covered. We can offer you more than just your "parts fitter" or "plug and play" repair shop can. We are able and willing to work with our customer's vision and style to help integrate or make a feature of our installation and this is what sets us apart from the competition.