#Hotrod Hoses/4130 Metalworks gc does not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage which may be sustained by any vehicle or member of the public whilst on premises, in transit to and from or under repair by Hotrod Hoses/ 4130 Metalworks gc.


#All warranties are immediately void if charge port tamper evident sleeves are removed without Hotrod Hoses prior consent.

#Warranty coverage only applies to normal usage conditions.

#All new component parts supplied and fitted are warranted by the manufacturer for a period of 12 months subject to the manufacturers conditions and restrictions.

#All components warranties will be voided if altered or modified in any way without prior consent by Hotrod hoses/4130 Metalworks gc.

#Foreign object or heat related failure is not covered under warranty.

Payment terms

#All invoices are strictly "Cash on Delivery" unless prior arrangements are made.

#All specially ordered parts will be subject to upfront payment.

#If the customer/company defaults in payment of any invoice when due, the customer/company shall indemnify Hotrod hoses/ 4130 Metalworks gc from and against all costs and disbursements incurred by Hotrod Hoses/4130 Metalworks gc in pursing the debt including any legal and collection agency costs.

#All overdue accounts shall incur administration fees of $20.00 per fortnight (14 days) and will become immediately due and payable.

#Vehicle storage fees of $80 per week applies on all outstanding invoices if repaired at our premises.

#All authorised work carried out by Hotrod Hoses/4130metalworks gc is subject to a repairer’s lien. This is a legal right for repairers to hold goods (such as motor vehicles) until they have been paid for the work they have done on them. The right is “possessory”. That is, it is a right of the repairer to retain possession of the goods until paid.

#Title in and to any Goods will not pass to the customer until payment in full for those Goods is made.

-Hotrod Hoses/4130 Metalworks gc will be entitled at any time until the title to the Goods passes over to the customer to demand the return of the said Goods and, except where the customer is an individual, Hotrod Hoses/4130 Metalworks gc will be entitled without notice to the customer and without liability to the customer to enter (or have its representatives enter) any premises occupied by the customer in order to search for and remove the Goods.

Customer supplied parts

While we are happy to install most customer supplied parts, Hotrod Hoses/ 4130 Metalworks gc offers no warranty whatsoever for these, and we cannot and will not guarantee any parts you provide will actually repair your vehicle. Also, be sure to get the right part, if we have to install and remove an incorrect or faulty part, we have to charge additional labour as appropriate.

However Hotrod Hoses/ 4130 Metalworks gc will install the said parts with all due care and skill within a reasonable timeframe. Also ensuring to the best of our ability that the customer supplied part is fit for purpose mechanically and will not cause other service faults.